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NuGet packages for OWASP O2 Platform

NuGet is a really interesting mechanism to install plugins on top of you Visual Studio project in a really  straightforward way. Dinis Cruz made the first components of O2 Platform available in a NuGet package.

Now  NuGet presents a new paradigm to install useful tools and avoid all the complication of the XML configurations that usually is a pain.  It’s really interesting to have all the OWASP O2 functionality available in this way. I bet this is going to be a better way to make it available in future releases or in the way we  will publish features on top of  Visual Studio .Net.

The below image  show our look up :

Managing NuGet packages

Managing NuGet packages

Now we are going to look for our OWASP O2 packages:

OWASP O2 at NuGet

OWASP O2 at NuGet

In order to simplify our lives, this mechanism is a really good option :).

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Real-time Vulnerability Creation Feedback inside VisualStudio

There is a really interesting video that shows how to perform static analysis of code at the compilation time on top of Visual Studio.Net.  The creation of this mechanism is really powerful , because at compilation time, you can find and correct most of the security holes we can create. Just imaging the valued added that this process can provide to a large software development projects?.

The complete information can be found at http://diniscruz.blogspot.com/2012/06/real-time-vulnerability-creation.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DinisCruz+%28Dinis+Cruz+blog%29

And there is also a reddit thread if you want to get involved (I hope you are want).

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Installing O2’s Visual Studio Add-in, Script environment in Visual Studio IDE

Here is a video on how can we install the OWASP O2 add-in on top of VisuaL Studio , the video can be found at:


By the way, the Visual Studio add-in is located in your local copy of OWASP O2 Platform, in the O2.Platform.Projects folder there should be a  Visual Studio Project named O2.VisualStudio.AddIn . The .AddIn file can be found in the binaries folder.

Visual Studio Addin

Visual Studio Addin

Once you have installed  the Add-in, you will be able to use this powerful tool on top of Visual Studio IDE.

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