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Creating custom O2 Versions

With the latests changes to O2’s APIs  it is now possible to easily create new O2 GUIs (this was created to support the O2 Subscription model which is focused on creating/suporting Custom O2’s).

This is very useful when creating an O2 for a particular:

  • Project /Application
  • Security Consultant 
  • APIs, Websites, Frameworks or Tools.

When creating a new Custom O2, the _Scripts\_Custom_O2s\_template (Custom O2).h2 script file is a good template to start :


var title = "Custom O2"; 
var ribbon = CustomO2.create(title);   // stand alone version
//var ribbon = CustomO2.create(panel.clear().add_Panel(),title);   // use when inside 'Quick Development GUI'
var hacmeBankDemos = ribbon.add_Tab("Custom O2");
      .add_RibbonButton_Script("IE Automation","ascx_IE_ScriptExecution.cs");    




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Creating a Simple Ribbon Bar

This script will create a simple Ribbon tool bar which is easily customizable 

var ribbon = panel.add_Ribbon();
 .add_Button("This is a button that opens Notepad", ()=>Processes.startProcess("Notepad"))
 .add_StartProcess("This is for cmd.exe", "cmd.exe")     
 .add_Script("OWASP WebScarab (Custom O2 version)", "OWASP WebScarab (Custom O2 version).h2")
 .add_Button("Now with logo (opening O2 Folder)", "Open_16x16.png", ()=> Processes.startProcess(Environment.CurrentDirectory) );

return "ok";


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7th Oct – ClickOnce Publish

Just pushed a new ClickOnce update:

  • fixed a bug in the WPF Thread invocation method ({wpfcontrol}.wpfInvoke(()=> {…})
  • added a caching solution for the resolution of local script files (ie. “{local o2 script}”.local()  ). If you open up the script “Dinis_Cruz – Custom_O2.h2” you will see a dramatically a difference in the load times
  • removed the precompiled option from the first script that loads (currently the “O2 Gui.h2”) since that is already supported by the O2’s CompileEngine class

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New blog engine for O2 Development related posts

One of the issues that I currently have when coding the OWASP O2 Platform is to find a place to put the numerous tips and code snippets that I create every day.

For a while I was thinking of having a separate (Drupal based) ‘O2 related’ website which could be used to host a number of community driven content (for example other blogs from O2 users).

Since that extra website would be something else to maintain/support, there were already some spam problems and it would force people to have yet another account, I think leveraging WorkPress hosted solution will be a better solution.

My current thinking is that I will use the O2Platform.com Wiki (http://o2platform.com) to host ‘O2 related’ technical content (in a final form) , my personal blog (http://diniscruz.blogspot.com) for ‘comment type’ posts, and this blog http://o2platform.wordpress.com for ‘O2 Development’ (or developer-focused) content.

And it looks like this engine (WordPress) will also allow other O2 users to write blog posts under their account in the main https://o2platform.wordpress.com feed (I’m still getting my head around WordPress 🙂 ).

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