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Installing O2’s Visual Studio Add-in, Script environment in Visual Studio IDE

Here is a video on how can we install the OWASP O2 add-in on top of VisuaL Studio , the video can be found at:


By the way, the Visual Studio add-in is located in your local copy of OWASP O2 Platform, in the O2.Platform.Projects folder there should be a  Visual Studio Project named O2.VisualStudio.AddIn . The .AddIn file can be found in the binaries folder.

Visual Studio Addin

Visual Studio Addin

Once you have installed  the Add-in, you will be able to use this powerful tool on top of Visual Studio IDE.

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Setting useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy on O2

I just set the useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy flag on the O2’s O2 Platform.exe.config file (app.config) so that it possible to load up the CefSharp dlls (which are managed C++ assemblies built targeted to 2.0) and be able to Run Chrome inside O2

Not entirely sure what is the long term effects of this, but so far so good.

Here are some references:

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