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What ‘Graph’ support exists in O2 today

I got this question today, and nothing better than answer it with some screenshots ūüôā

Open the ‘Util – O2 Available scripts’ and do a search for ‘Graph’


This is a very powerful development gui for the GraphSharp WPF control¬†which is an amazing ‘Real-Time’ Graph visualization engine:

…comment the 2nd line to see a bigger script in action

The showAllLayouts line will show an animation of the diferent types of layout possible:

O2 Xaml Editor (PoC).h2

this is a tool to write and view XAML controls:

Util – Diagram Designer Editor.h2

Do a search for ‘Diagram’ and execute the Util – DiagramDesigner Editor script

This will open a GUI that is a mix of a Diagram Designer and Image Editor (based on the DesignerControl described in this codeproject article)

To see a couple examples of the type of images that can be created using this control look at the example files in the C:\O2\O2Scripts_Database\_Scripts\_DataFiles\SampleDiagrams folder

For example: O2_Videos-splashScreen_WebGoat.xml

Creating PDFs

There is also a really powerful API to manipulate PDFs.

See this post for an example: O2 Script ‚Äď Creating PDFs with OWASP AppSec Brazil Certificates¬†¬†

Other Graph controls/engines

As with any O2 script, you can easy import and access to any other .NET WinForms or WPF Graph controls, for example the  3.5 Chart Controls distributed by Microsoft.


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