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Util – Java, Jsp and Xml File Search (Example using Spring MVC JPetStore)

Here is a script that creates a regex based file search. The user can define both the file location and search filters.

This is what it looks like when using the files from JPetStore (note: above the files, the textbox on the left is a file filter and the textbox on the right is a regex text search)

This is the source code that creates the above GUI:

var simpleSearch  = O2Gui.open<ascx_SimpleFileSearch>("Util - Java, Jsp and Xml File Search", 900,500);           
Action<string, string > loadFiles =
    (path, fileFilters)=>{                            
                            var files = path.files(true,fileFilters.split(",")
                            simpleSearch.loadFiles(path, files); 
var folderToLoad = @"C:\O2\Demos\jPetStore - O2 Demo Pack\sourceCode";
var filter = "*.jsp,*.xml,*.java"; 
Action refresh =
            .onTextChange((text)=> folderToLoad = text)
            .onEnter((text)=> refresh() )  
            .onTextChange((text)=> filter = text)
            .onEnter((text)=> refresh()) ;


July 18, 2011 - Posted by | JPetStore, Spring MVC

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