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Simple Viewer to see JSP files (example using Spring MVC SPetStore)

Here is a simple script that creates a simple viewer for JSP files (note that this version doesn’t support the mapping of internal includes (the next version will))

This tool is available as the Util – View JSPs (simple mode).h2 script and looks like this:

and (note the need to map the include files)

Here is the source code:

//var topPanel = panel.clear().add_Panel();
var topPanel = "Util - View JSPs (simple mode)".popupWindow(1000,300);
var sourceCodeEditor = topPanel.add_SourceCodeEditor();
var treeView = sourceCodeEditor.insert_Left<Panel>(400).add_TreeView().sort();
Action<string,string> loadFilesFromFolder =
                            foreach(var file in folder.files(extension,true))

var testFolderWithJsps = @"C:\O2\Demos\jPetStore - O2 Demo Pack\sourceCode\war";                        
        .add_TextBox("Path to JSPs",testFolderWithJsps)
        .onEnter((text)=> loadFilesFromFolder(text , "*.jsp"));
loadFilesFromFolder(testFolderWithJsps , "*.jsp");



July 18, 2011 - Posted by | JPetStore, Spring MVC

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