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Fortify FVDL Files – Simple Viewer based on PropertyGrid

The .NET PropertyGrid Control can be a very powerful way to visualize objects.

For exampe, the script below creates a WinForm with just a PropertyGrid Control (and some drag and drop support to load up the files)

var topPanel = "Util - FVDL viewer (just PropertyGrid) - drop file to load".popupWindow(400, 400);
var propertyGrid = topPanel.add_PropertyGrid().helpVisible(false);   
Action<string> loadAndShowFile =   
    (file)=> O2Thread.mtaThread(
        ()=>    propertyGrid.show(new API_Fortify().convertToFortifyScan(file)));


which looks like this when opened

…and like this after dropping the 36Mb dspace.fvdl file:

Since most Fortify_* objects have been designed as lists, the PropertyGrid will show them in special pop-up windows:




Scanned Files





Vulnerabilities -> Traces

July 18, 2011 - Posted by | Fortify, Interoperability

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