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Fortify FVDL Files – First working Parser and Viewer for *.fvdl files

Following from the previous Fortify FVDL posts (herehere, here and here), here is a first working tool that is able to load up *.fvdl files, parse its relevant data into a new set of classes, and then visuzalize its contents into a number of tabs.

This is what the main GUI look like (after loading/dropping the 35Mb dspace.fvdl file):

On the left there is a PropertyGrid control that shows a view of the new O2 Fortify_Scan class, and on the right there is a TabControl with a number of Tab Pages (each containing a raw view of the classes created).

Here is what each of the  tab pages looks like:









 The next post will show what the updated API_Fortify looks like, and the code that was used to create this GUI

July 18, 2011 - Posted by | Fortify, Interoperability

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