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Viewing JPetStore Hsqldb database and couple more Autobinding issues

Included in the hsqldb folder is a file called manager.bat which can be used to connect to the live (in memory) JPetStore database.

Here are the settings needed (select ‘HSQL Database Engine Server’ and use jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:9002 as the URL value):

Here is a sample query:

Here are a couple more Autobinding issues
var ie = topPanel.add_IE_with_NavigationBar().silent(true); 
 Action scrollToTotal = 
            var tdElement = ie.elements().elements("TD").toList().Where((element)=> element.innerHtml().notNull() && element.innerHtml().contains("Total:")).first();
//var _payload = "order.totalPrice=1111&" + "order.lineItems[0].unitPrice=12";  // works
//var _payload = "order.totalPrice=1111&" + "order.lineItems[0].itemId=AA";  // throws error
//var _payload = "order.totalPrice=1111&" + "order.lineItems[0].itemId=EST-6";  // takes the inventory from EST-6 and not EST-4
var _payload = "order.totalPrice=1111&" + "order.lineItems[0].item.product.name=AAAABBBB"; // changes the visible product name</pre>

var jPetStore = new API_JPetStore(ie);
jPetStore.open("/shop/newOrder.do?_finish=true&" + _payload);

July 13, 2011 - Posted by | JPetStore, Spring MVC

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