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O2 Script for “Spring MVC JPetStore – Start Servers” (start/stop apache and hsqldb)

Part of the Spring MVC O2 demos, this script will:

  • Create a Gui to allow easy start and stop of the JPetStore servers (web and db)
  • Shows how to start an apache server and hsqldb directly (i.e. without using *.bat files)
  • Provide links to the other jPetStore Spring MVC *.h2 scripts

Here is a video of this script in action:

This script is included in the jPetStore O2 Demo Pack which can be downloaded from here (includes JPetStore and Apache):

Here is the script:

var topPanel = O2Gui.open<Panel>("JPetStore - Start Servers",1000,400);
//var topPanel = panel.clear().add_Panel();
Process hsqldbProcess = null;
Process apacheProcess = null;
var actionPanel = topPanel.insert_Above(20);
var ie = topPanel.insert_Right().add_IE();</pre>

var currentFolder = PublicDI.CurrentScript.directoryName();

Action startServers =
"Starting Db and Web servers".debug();
// start db server (hsqldb)
hsqldbProcess = Processes.startProcessAndRedirectIO("java",
@"-classpath .\hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.Server -database jpetstore",

//start web server (apache)
var tomcatFolder = currentFolder.pathCombine("apache-tomcat-7.0.16");
var apacheBinDirectory =  tomcatFolder.pathCombine("bin");

var apacheStartParameters = ("-Djava.util.logging.config.file=\"{0}\\conf\\logging.properties\" " +
"-Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager   " +
"-Djava.endorsed.dirs=\"{0}\\endorsed\" " +
"-classpath \"{0}\\bin\\bootstrap.jar;{0}\\bin\\tomcat-juli.jar\" " +
"-Dcatalina.base=\"{0}\" -Dcatalina.home=\"{0}\" " +
"-Djava.io.tmpdir=\"{0}\\temp\" org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap  start"
).format(tomcatFolder) ;

apacheProcess = Processes.startProcessAndRedirectIO("java",

Action stopServers =
"Stopping Db and Web servers".debug();
Action openJPetStore =
ie.link("Enter the Store").click();
ie.links().where((link)=> link.url().contains("FISH"))[0].click();
actionPanel.add_Link("Start Servers",0,0,()=>startServers())
.append_Link("Stop Servers",()=>stopServers())
.append_Link("Enter JPetStore and open a Page", ()=> openJPetStore())
.append_Link("JpetStore - BlackBox Exploits.h2" ,()=> "JpetStore - BlackBox Exploits.h2".local().executeH2Script() )
.append_Link("JPetStore - View Controllers.h2"  ,()=> currentFolder.pathCombine("JPetStore - View Controllers.h2").executeH2Script() );   ;

return "ok";

//using System.Diagnostics
//using O2.XRules.Database.Utils.O2

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