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O2 Tool – AST Search (.NET Static Analysis)

Here is a very useful tool built on top of O2‘s AST-base static analysis engine.

The tool is is called ‘Search AST’ and allows for ‘AST based’ searches of C# source code files.

How to use this tool

  • On main O2 Gui, in the ‘Custom O2s’ tab, click on the ‘DotNet Static Analysis’ button:


  • Then on the ‘AST & PoCS’ tab , click on the ‘ascx_SearchAST’  button:


  • This will open a gui that looks like this:


  • Now find the folder with the C# source code to analyse and drag & Drop it into the rigth-left treeview


  • Once that loads up, you can select on the INode types on the left to see the cases where they show up


  • You can do searches on the selected INode type (in this find searching for WebMethod in the Attribute INodes)


  • and you can also do a global search on ALL INodes


  • the list show on the Search Result TreeView is the unique list of string matches


  • and the list that is show on the ‘Source Code Lines’ Treeview is a list of the source code lines that match the current selected item


April 10, 2011 - Posted by | .NET, .NET SAST


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