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O2Script: Not Optimized fuzz string generator

Here is a very non-optimized fuzz string generator (a value of 5 generates about 10Million items, and one of the bottlenecks is in the use of List<string> to hold the data)

var baseChars = new List<char>();

for(var letter = 'a' ; letter < 'z' ; letter++)


Func<List<char>,string, int, List<String>> generateStrings = null;
generateStrings = (chars, prefix, depth) =>    {
                                                if (depth-- > 0)
                                                    var strings = new List<string>();
                                                    foreach(var @char in chars)                                                   
                                                        strings.Add(prefix + @char);
                                                    var newStrings = new List<string>();
                                                    foreach(var @string in strings)                                                                       
                                                        newStrings.AddRange(generateStrings(chars, @string, depth));   
                                                    return strings;
                                                return new List<string>();
var fuzzStrings =     generateStrings(baseChars, "", 4); 
return fuzzStrings.size();

April 4, 2011 - Posted by | Misc Topics

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