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O2 Script: Util – Javascript Object viewer

For Javascript manipulation and debug, built of top of O2 Javascript support (see Running Javascript in O2′s IE Automation environment for more details on how to execute javascript inside a browser) , here is an O2 module that really allows the easy access and manipation of Javascript functions (including having access to it’s source code)

To script is the _Scripts\Languages_and_Frameworks\Javascript\Util – Javascript Object viewer.h2 file and here is how to get there.

From the ‘Custom O2s’ tab in the main O2 Gui, click on:

then once that opens up, click on

which will dynamically compile the Util – Javascript Object viewer.h2 script and execute it, which will look like this:

This GUI will allows you to:

  • Execute Javascript on the page (multiple lines of code for easy coding)
  • send data from Javascript to O2 (note the o2Log funtion)
  • list the functions that exists in a javascript object
  • get the source code of Javascript functions

March 31, 2011 - Posted by | IE Automation


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