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O2 Script: Testing for RDP server

This script will test if an RDP server is available and will take a couple screenshots if it is (note that the in version or mstsc.exe provided in Windows 2008 there doesn’t seem to be a way to connect first to the server and then provide the account details (it would be better to take a screenshot from the actual RDP session)

This script shows quite a number of O2 scripting techniques, so please use the comment’s section if you have any questions or want more details on how it works

//var topPanel = panel.clear().add_Panel();
var topPanel = O2Gui.open<Panel>("Test RDP Server", 700,400);
var ie = topPanel.add_IE();
ie.showMessage("Testing if an RDP server is alive");

var rdpServer = "What TS do you want to test?".askUser();
if (rdpServer.isNull())
    ie.showMessage("No TS server provided");
    return "no TS provided";

var terminalServicesClient = Processes.startProcess("mstsc.exe");
var guiAutomation = new API_GuiAutomation(terminalServicesClient);
var window = guiAutomation.window("Remote Desktop Connection");
var screenshot1 = window.screenshot().save();

//return guiAutomation.windows();
var loginWindow = guiAutomation.window("Windows Security",3);

if (loginWindow.notNull())
    var screenshot2 =  window.screenshot().save();
    var htmlCode =  "<html><body><h1>Found TS</h1>".line() +
                    "   <img src='{0}'/>".format(screenshot1) .line() +
                    "   <img src='{0}'/>".format(screenshot2) .line() +
    ie.set_Html( "<html><body><h1>NO TS Found</h1>".line() +

return "done";

//using O2.XRules.Database.Utils.O2

 This is what it looks like in the beggining:

this is what happens when it finds an TS:

this is what happens when it doesnt:

March 8, 2011 - Posted by | WatiN, Windows Tools

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