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Creating custom O2 Versions

With the latests changes to O2’s APIs  it is now possible to easily create new O2 GUIs (this was created to support the O2 Subscription model which is focused on creating/suporting Custom O2’s).

This is very useful when creating an O2 for a particular:

  • Project /Application
  • Security Consultant 
  • APIs, Websites, Frameworks or Tools.

When creating a new Custom O2, the _Scripts\_Custom_O2s\_template (Custom O2).h2 script file is a good template to start :


var title = "Custom O2"; 
var ribbon = CustomO2.create(title);   // stand alone version
//var ribbon = CustomO2.create(panel.clear().add_Panel(),title);   // use when inside 'Quick Development GUI'
var hacmeBankDemos = ribbon.add_Tab("Custom O2");
      .add_RibbonButton_Script("IE Automation","ascx_IE_ScriptExecution.cs");    




November 2, 2010 - Posted by | O2 Internals

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