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New blog engine for O2 Development related posts

One of the issues that I currently have when coding the OWASP O2 Platform is to find a place to put the numerous tips and code snippets that I create every day.

For a while I was thinking of having a separate (Drupal based) ‘O2 related’ website which could be used to host a number of community driven content (for example other blogs from O2 users).

Since that extra website would be something else to maintain/support, there were already some spam problems and it would force people to have yet another account, I think leveraging WorkPress hosted solution will be a better solution.

My current thinking is that I will use the O2Platform.com Wiki (http://o2platform.com) to host ‘O2 related’ technical content (in a final form) , my personal blog (http://diniscruz.blogspot.com) for ‘comment type’ posts, and this blog http://o2platform.wordpress.com for ‘O2 Development’ (or developer-focused) content.

And it looks like this engine (WordPress) will also allow other O2 users to write blog posts under their account in the main https://o2platform.wordpress.com feed (I’m still getting my head around WordPress 🙂 ).

October 7, 2010 - Posted by | O2 Internals

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